Non-credit, public courses & workshops

Honeybee Folk School will serve New Brunswickers and its visitors who seek to learn new skills in crafting a self-sustainable lifestyle through immersive training.


Honeybee Folk School is operated by the New Brunswick College of Craft Design (NBCCD). The folk school replaces NBCCD’s ever-popular edVentures program by maintaining a similar structure of evening and weekend workshops and courses offered without credit to any member of the public. The folk school adds a new component of seasonal gatherings and expanded course selection.



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What is a Folk School?

A folk school offers opportunities to learn new skills in a non-competitive environment, where there are no exams and no final grades. These non-credit courses and workshops are open to adults of all ages who are passionate about lifelong learning and fostering sustainable futures for their community.

The folk school concept was originally developed by Danish philosopher Nikolai Severin Grundtvig. Folk schools as we know them today became popular with the Scandinavian folk high schools in the late 1800s. The folk school concept and methodology has spread across North America, celebrating place, community, and the living world.

“The appropriateness of the bee as the symbol for NBCCD lies not only in the obvious association with the bee’s industry, its resourcefulness and delicacy in shaping its own environment (and the prosperity it attains in that environment), but more importantly in the mystical communication within the complex society, the consideration of which has caused ancient man, Christian and Pagan alike, to think of the bee as the Messenger of the Spirit.”
— George Fry, NBCCD Director 1976-1993