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Making Oven Fired Pizza (July 23) – Milda Titford

Learn how to make really delicious bread and pizza in a wood fired oven! Once our bread is shaped, happily rising and baking in the oven we will cover rudiments of simple pizza dough making. We will discuss some history, ethics and background on grains, flour and other ingredients that are used in making pizzas. You will experience bread shaping, rolling techniques, essential knife and cutting skills, making and topping your own pizzas and will come out of this workshop carrying your own loaf of hot sourdough bread and 1 or 2 different pizzas to boot. Delicious! Read More

Lino Printmaking – Julie Whitenect

Dive into the world of printmaking! Lino prints are one of the most diverse and accessible methods of printmaking, whether you have access to a printmaking studio or just work at your kitchen table. Learn about the history and capabilities of the medium while discovering your own style. Students will be provided with the tools they need to make a small edition of prints, with lots of room for experimentation. Read More

Silk Screen Saturday – K. Jensen

Get printing and share your designs on t-shirts, tote bags, jean jackets, paper, and more! Whether you have taken screen printing before, have a new design you would like to try, or are looking to learn the basics, join K. Jensen for a Saturday of screen printing! Read More

Mosaic Sun Catcher – Sheryl Crowley

Sunshine streaming through a riot of colour. In this workshop we will create a framed glass mosaic that may be placed in a window. It will be a “glass on glass” technique. Using clear adhesive the glass tiles will be attached to a glass sheet within a picture frame. You will have instruction on the “glass on glass” mosaic making process and on how to safely and accurately cut glass tile. No mosaic making experience is necessary. Tools and tiles supplied. Each participant needs to bring no larger than an 8” x 10” frame with its glass insert. Read More

Sew Much Fun! – Bianca Mozer

In this three-day workshop, students will combine sewing knowledge with basic pattern construction to create their own projects. Students are expected to have basic domestic sewing machine knowledge, including threading and straight stitching experience. Choose from a series of patterns provided by the instructor, and customize to suit your needs. Come prepared to make mistakes, learn while you create and come away with a creation to be proud of! Read More